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Lips of a Mastodon


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Why does Ted Bernal Guevara keep putting out these James Dean conceptual novels? In plain truth, Guevara says, “He’s like a kid (James Dean) I went to class with, rode the bus with and slid down an awesome snow-packed hill with.” And after high school, he goes on to Hollywood fame and immortality while Guevara from his modest bookish world is left to wonder about the iconic image, giving it a stark, poignant voice sixty years later. Guevara grew up in Marion, Indiana, where the actor was born.

In 1954, Dean met perhaps the one real romance of his brief life. Italian actress Pier Angeli was barely 22 when her movie The Silver Chalice coincided with Dean’s East of Eden at Warner Brothers. She’d sneak over to watch him perform, and he would do the same. When they finally interact, Pier’s mother disapproves of Dean’s behavior, attire and not being Catholic.

Some say it was all for the limelight and publicity. Guevara’s gripping and frank story vies otherwise, excavating the actor’s true passion for the lovely but quaint Ms. Angeli.

Guevara is also the author of True Feel, A Circle with Two Corners, and Days of Slint, the first James Dean conceptual novel.

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  • Deon

    This book irked me a little. Everyone wants to manipulate the corpse of James Dean. Not me, and admitting that is wanting everything to stay the same. Hey, we're all fanatics here. Reading it I saw a ...

  • Mary

    Recently, Ted Bernal Guevara posted in his Facebook “[James Dean] loved to laugh, always made use of the moment as lively as possible, or else…” This maybe. But the author seemed to forget the w...

  • Libby

    This may be. But try reading this book aloud and you can almost hear a young man telling a more spruced-up gut story than the one from the dust. This was such a hard candy read for me that I am loss f...

  • Crazy

    This book is far more solid and upbeat(!) than I had expected it to be, and can be enjoyed at many levels from plot to its nostalgic aspect. I'm used to highly intellectual fiction, which this has som...

  • David Sullivan

    I read True Feel last year and loved it so much that I wanted to experience more of this still quite unknown author.Lips of a Mastodon was a complete u-turn in style and approach. I'm not sure if it...

  • Elis David

    I found this novel to be informative and entertaining, a sympathetic depiction of James Dean, the Indiana-born actor who made three major films in less than two years. Most of what was written in the ...

  • Engima

    We, my husband and I, agree with most of what is claimed under this novel, just not quite sure of how high the star rating gets! True, this unknown author has potential, perhaps a smooth quality to hi...

  • Warners

    Lips of a Mastodon is the story of James Dean's brief stint with the Italian actress Pier Angeli. But the book doesn't pretend to be a biography--or a painfully researched item so the enigmatic fan co...

  • Reg

    The concept is simple: extend East of Eden. I saw the movie some 20 years ago, and this novel, Lips of a Mastodon, made me want to analyze that movie some more. So I watched it again. And sure enough,...

  • Louise

    I’ve really been thinking a lot about this review. First off I am a fan of old Hollywood ever since I lived a very tiny tip of it in Sherman Oaks, occasionally mentioned in this novel. With the acto...