Highball Rush

Highball Rush

“Suddenly all those old country love songs I’d played so often made perfect sense.”

Gravel-voiced Gibson Bodine takes his lone wolf image seriously. The tough guy. The bad boy. He lives alone. Works alone. His one love—besides starting a good brawl—is sitting on a rinky-dink stage in a backwoods bar playing guitar and singing about things he’ll never have.

When a video of him playing goes viral, Gibson ignores the unwanted attention. He’s got bigger things to worry about. Like the bomb his half-brother’s mom just dropped on him. And the fallout from the memento he’s been carrying around for thirteen years.

He doesn’t have time for fame… or love… or meddling neighbors stopping by with casseroles and questions.

But one night in a bar, fifty miles from home, he meets her. And she changes everything.

In Bootleg Springs—home of the best moonshine and nosiest neighbors in West Virginia—secrets don’t keep. When the truth about Callie Kendall’s fate brings danger home, it’s up to Gibson to step up and be the hero. And maybe find what he’s been missing all along.


Title:Highball Rush
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  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    Highball Rush is book six in the Bootleg Springs series by Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score. At long last, it’s the final book. The book with all the answers and the book with Gibson Bodine’s story....

  • Claire Kingsley

    Well, my fabulous reader friends, here we are, at the end of the Bootleg Springs series. Six books. Six couples. One quirky town. I love this series and its characters so much. It's been one of the hi...

  • Jodi

    I'm still reeling a bit that the series is over. All the loose ends have been tied and all the Bodines (and lots of other people) got their HEAs. But I'll miss them, for sure. Gruff Gibson met his mat...

  • Meka L. Rascoe

    "I'll give you what you need, darlin'." --Gibson BodineI'm not easily persuaded when it comes to my sexy, grumpy heroes. I always want the woman to be worthy of their bleeding hearts, and Gibson Bodin...

  • Brandi

    Just in case you need to know a little something about Gibson Bodine...And if you want to know a little something about the leading lady...I've never been more satisfied with a series ending book than...

  • CzekMart

    Highball Rush is the fantastic finale of a phenomenal series! A match made in romance readers heaven, two literary geniuses - Claire Kingsley and Lucy Score - getting together and gifting us with this...

  • Stacey is Sassy

    I'm sad that it's over...If you haven't tried the Bootleg Springs series yet, I highly recommend giving it a try now that it's reached the end. I have seen each of the Bodine's...and a few extras, fal...

  • BookishStacy

    Y'all. Seriously, this book is E V E R Y T H I N G. Highball Rush is book six in the Bootleg Springs series and gives us the story of the oldest Bodine sibling, Gibson. We also get the whole highly-an...

  • Jules

    The sweet evening around the campfire after a full day of whitewafter raftingLucy Score and Claire Kingsley have broken new ground with this version of a co-write, and I for one am a huge fan. Through...

  • Deanna

    Wow, just wow! Claire and Lucy have really outdone themselves with this series of books. They created a world that you just want to go visit and live there. The characters feel soo real and well creat...