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Instagram to attract customers to e-commerce sites?

After creating a new Instagram account, let existing customers know via the web or email Since Instagram is an SNS where younger generations and influencers share content, it is no wonder that it has played a major role in attracting e-commerce customers. However, Instagram’s algorithms change so often that it’s not easy to get results Read More

What are the features of Facebook ads?

As a social media marketing media, Facebook has become a presence that cannot be ignored evens. MAU (Monthly Active Users = Number of Monthly Visitors): Approximately 21 million, DAU (Daily Active Users = Number of Daily Visitors): Approximately 14 million. 93% of daily active users use it from mobile, and some have the highest mobile Read More

increase the popularity of your high tech channel on YouTube.

Each month, there are more than 2 billion users on YouTube who upload over 100 hours of content every minute and watch over 80,000 videos per second. That’s why it’s a very good channel for promoting a professional product or service. It’s also a good platform if you want to be an influencer and monetize Read More

LinkedIn Releases New List of 2020 Most Popular LinkedIn Training Courses

With the COVID-19 quarantine around the world, telecommuting has become a key focus, and millions of professionals are finding new ways to stay focused and productive outside the office. And this, logically, has led many to seek advice and guidance to help them maximize their WFH efforts. This focus is reflected in LinkedIn’s list of Read More

What is shoppable advertising introduced by YouTube.

Strategies to enhance the product purchase experience across Google services YouTube has announced the introduction of shoppable advertising that encourages viewers to buy products. The “Buy Now” button will be displayed and you can switch to the retailer’s sales site. The feature is that when you watch a video, product images and prices are displayed Read More

Boost Your Brand with Instagram Carousel Posts

Ever you had trouble trying to choose only one photo to share a moment on Instagram? You may already have discovered the value of publications’ Instagram carousel, which will allow you to combine up to 10 photos or videos in a single publication. Used properly, carousel publications are an excellent way for companies to tell Read More

YouTube marketing for online stores

Video marketing and influencer marketing go well together YouTube is an effective channel for growing your business. YouTube, in particular, goes well with selling its own products and has been used by many influencers to promote their own branded products. That’s why marketing company Referral Candy explains how brands that own their products can use Read More

Several ways how to increase Instagram coverage

Introduction Instagram is currently one of the largest social networking sites. Over 1 billion users worldwide use it monthly, Poland has over 6 million active users. Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. It is eagerly used by large enterprises and small businesses. It’s the perfect place to promote your brand at little or no cost.  However, Instagram is a Read More

Open Two Instagram Accounts On The Same Phone

How a previously Instagram user top titled Writing know who read. There are users who use Instagram for multiple purposes such as work, family, communication with friends, etc. Therefore, it may be necessary to use more than one Instagram account. It can be really tiring from time to time to get out of one Instagram Read More

Add, tag, unfollow, delete and block Facebook friends.

Facebook is currently the most popular social network and has existed for many years. Of course, to connect to Facebook, you need to add friends. About Facebook Friends. A Facebook friend does not necessarily have to be someone you know well. They can be work colleagues, partners, friends of a friend, relative, or even a Read More

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